About us

At the Blue Sun Rays, we provide creative, measurable and dynamic marketing and communications solutions. We deliver integrated strategic communications campaigns and build long term communications plans for our clients: this is everything from setting-up your goals, to planning how you’ll execute on them, to working with you to develop a solid brand and presence, to doing the work to get-it-done. In today’s converged world, where communication is not limited by space, distance or time, an organization’s success is intrinsically tied to what people think about it, its leaders, brands and even processes. The perception of the person or organization among its various publics will determine whether it will succeed in meeting its strategic objectives. The nexus may not be obvious to all but there is a clear and definite link between how an organization is perceived and its success.

Why we stand out

Our clients appreciate how nimble we are as well as our deep understanding of brands and the socio political landscape. We also know that today defining brand experience through impactful approaches is everything - and often makes the difference between being one of many who is liked, to being one of few who is adored. We are responsive and smart and understand the bigger picture and the dynamics of the environment our clients operate in. To fully exploit our professional capacities and create value for our clients, Blue Sun Rays operations are guided by the following non-negotiable mantras:

  • i. Measurable outcomes
  • ii. Sustained effort
  • iii. Strategic focus
  • iv. Highest levels of professionalism and integrity
  • v. Synergistic approach to seeking the best outcomes

Core principles:

It’s About the Work: Breakthrough campaigns are never one-size-fits-all. Great ideas and campaigns must be as tailored and individualized as a fingerprint. We develop specific solutions aimed at meeting specific needs.
Cross-Industry Expertise: Inspiration can and should come from any industry – that’s why our teams with deep expertise in consumer PR and marketing, sustainability advisory, digital and social media, corporate communications and brand innovation work side-by-side blending ideas, approaches and strategies to create truly integrated, unique campaigns for our clients.
Small Enough to be Agile, Large Enough to Have Impact: We create that big vision, that picture of success you never envisioned and develop for you the strategies to achieve that lofty dream. Our cross-cultural diversity and expertise enable us craft unique solutions for meeting all your brand reputation and strategic advisory needs. .